Barley Saturday

Barley Saturday in Cardigan, West Wales
Since the 19th Century Barley Saturday has been held in Cardigan on the last Saturday in April.

Originally it provided local farmers with the chance to come to town to hire new staff and inspect the prize stallions that were being put out to stud.

Donkeys at Cardigan's Barley Saturday

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It is still a big event for the town today and a celebration of the rural life style, the streets are closed to everyday traffic and lined with the people who flock to the area of the occasion. However it’s the parade of the stallions through the town now that is more the centre of attention, with crowds of people arriving in Cardigan to watch the horses do their lap around the town after being judged in one of the events competitions.
The event has in-hand classes and a supreme championship competition.

Vintage Tractor Procession at Barley Saturday in Cardigan

The finest vintage agricultural vehicles in the area also do their lap of the town.

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